the recipes for kids to enjoy 2 nutritious dishes in essence of chicken!

we share the recipes to let our kids enjoy essence of chicken in a nutritious meal, for both fish and chicken!

For the longest time, my wife and I have been thinking very hard for the past few years, on how to introduce essence of chicken to the kiddos.

For sure, we need to depend on this bottle on some days, to boost the kids’ energy level, be it for exams, or sports days, or just to stay awake for a full day of activities.

Thanks to Eu Yan Sang for the recommendation of recipes!

We managed to whip up a simple steamed cod fish with essence of chicken, All our 3 kiddos proclaimed this as the best fish dish thus far!

And for me, I am grateful that my wife has been whipping up this dish for me – steamed chicken breast with essence of chicken. This is my current food love. Plus, it is healthy!

Click on the video links below to check out the steps to cook this 2 simple dishes!

Eu Yan Sang Power Up! is the only children’s Essence of Chicken in Singapore that does not contain caramel colouring.

-No caramel coloring

-100% natural

-No preservatives

-Herbal goodness

Power Up! Concentration, 
Power Up! Appetite
Power Up! Vision 

Power Up! is specially formulated for children. 100% pure chicken goodness made using a combination of traditional recipes and modern technological innovations.

Essence of Chicken has been a popular tonic taken by generations.Whether it is preparing for an important meeting or sporting event, or studying for an examination, Essence of Chicken has been the tonic of choice. 


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