First Pikachu Night Parade

To fans of Pikachus or Pokemon Go game, you definitely cannot miss this because this is a rare golden chance for Singapore! First time outside of Japan, we held the first Pikachu Night Parade at Sentosa, Palawan Green!

Even if you don’t play the Pokemon Go game, you will fall in love with this life-sized Pikachu mascot instantly! It is a mouse, but it looks like a robotic, colourful, cheerful and super adorable “panda-look alike” bear.

Japan really puts in a lot of effort in creating these mascots, I must admit. When I look at the mascot, I don’t harbour the slightest instinct that a human is actually operating inside the Pikachu. The mascot’s design is so well-crafted that I see them as Pikachus, not humans in mascots, definitely created with super high standards, so different from the mascots in Universal Studios Singapore or shopping malls.

There are limited shows and crowds come much earlier to chope their preferred places. If you want to join in the craze, being along your picnic mat and raincoat. In case of rain or thunderstorms, the show will be cancelled or delayed.

Happening only at Palawan Green, Sentosa on 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23 December 2018 — 7.30pm show (additional 9pm shows on 15 and 22 Dec)

If you will miss the shows, fret not. We had it captured below. Enjoy!


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