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Hey, thank you for dropping by this page! I’m Lawrence, a dad of 3 kids and 1 dog and a photographer/videographer by profession.

Bear with my lengthy story below and I do hope that you enjoy this read of my life journey after studies.

My single world ended in 2002 where I married my love, Karen, soon after I started my first career.What can I say about her? Pretty, independent and most importantly, we share the same love for sports and outdoor activities.

It’s amazing how she supported my decision to leave the corporate office and pursue my interest in photography till now. We struggled and we celebrated – first years of marriage.

One fine day, I carried my 3 months-old Jack Russell, Macy, home in 2004. Karen screamed (oops)and I could still vividly remember the scene of Macy running after Karen around the sofa in countless rounds (oops, again). What followed after – spare the details – Macy is a happy and pampered pet now.

You know, a Jack Russell dog is one of the most intelligent and active pet dogs, so we took awhile to train and tame her. We love her lots and we don’t want “aliens” (kids la!) to take our time away from her. 5 years is what Macy has enjoyed her prime years with us and we knew that it’s time for “gate-crashing” to happen again.

My 1st wheelingtot arrived in 2009. I’m a techie guy who carries a phone and camera everywhere. So naturally, my shooting subject becomes him, and him, and him! Then, I found myself taking lots of photos and videos.

Macy got along well with Jordan, yeah! We (and Macy) were equally thrilled when our 2nd and 3rd wheelingtots “crashed” into our home in the following years. This time, I found my shelves filled with their video and photo DVDs already! Oh no, declutter!

Thankfully in 2016, Youtube was blooming so I decided to create a Youtube page to upload their videos (as a copy backup and also for them to watch it conveniently – no need to switch on DVD player).

Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG) were the talk of the town then. I needed places to “talk”, so naturally “3wheelingtots” were created on FB and IG too!

This website is not functional yet as I’m still finding time to fill up this blog page with information. Why so? Many told me that they envied me for the luxury of time that I have as I get to plan my work schedule. I must say, for my profession and with young kids on tow, the luxury of time does not exist. I work on weekends and weekday nights too. Oh yes, and now with the time needed to produce videos for Youtube and manage posts at Facebook and Instagram, it’s even harder to find extra time

BUT let me know if you like to read our true stories and reviews here, your thoughts could inspire me (or Karen) to start the keyboard!

No matter what, it has been an enriching and memorable journey with my loved ones. On the broader side of things, I want to share with all of you on the wonderful places and events that you can enjoy with your family, outside of home.

Step out of the house and enjoy nature, people and places – life is short, let us make full use of it!

Cheers, Lawrence (2018)

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