Singapore Zoo’s senior polar bear Inuka in declining health


Singapore Zoo’s beloved senior polar bear Inuka underwent a health examination on 3 April 2018, and results revealed that his health is declining markedly.

Born on 26 December 1990 in Singapore Zoo, 27-year-old Inuka is the first polar bear born in the tropics, and the park’s most prominent senior resident. Often dubbed the “best Christmas present” by his keepers, his year-end birthday celebration has been a tradition that many zoo goers look forward to. In human years, Inuka would be well into his 70s—making him a very old bear indeed. At this age, Inuka has surpassed the 25-year average lifespan of polar bears under human care. Male polar bears in the wild have a life expectancy of between 15-18 years.

In the past three months, Inuka’s activity levels have dipped noticeably, and he now prefers resting to participating in daily interaction sessions with his keepers.

Famed for his playful antics in the pool, the water-loving bear has reduced his swimming sessions significantly, and appears to be less interested in his daily enrichment activity involving a variety of devices such as traffic cones, boomer balls and ice blocks embedded with his favourite food.

While his arthritis, dental issues and occasional ear infections are already being managed, Inuka now exhibits a stiffer gait, particularly noticeable in his hind limbs. This abnormal shuffling gait has resulted in abrasions on his paw pads. Additionally, age-related general muscle atrophy is clearly evident.

Already on long-term glucosamine and anti-inflammatory treatment for his arthritis, vets have upped his daily care regime to include intensive treatment for his feet, and started him on specific painkillers and antibiotics to further alleviate his symptoms. His veterinary care team has given a guarded prognosis and are monitoring Inuka on a daily basis. His keepers are closely monitoring his welfare, and his quality of life assessment is under constant review.

A second health examination will be scheduled in late April to give further clarity on how he is faring. If results indicate that Inuka’s welfare is not improving with these intensive treatments, his care team may have to make the very difficult decision to not allow him to recover from anesthesia on humane and welfare grounds.

While daily polar bear interaction sessions have been suspended to allow Inuka to enjoy his time as he pleases, fans can continue to visit him at Singapore Zoo’s Frozen Tundra.

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) has supported Inuka’s upkeep since birth. SPH Foundation, the charity arm of SPH, took over the adoption from 2007.

Polar bears were brought to Singapore in 1978, and offer a glimpse into the arctic for zoo guests. Aside from Inuka, Singapore Zoo was once home to his parents Nanook and Sheba, and another polar bear Anana. Following discussions with its Animal Welfare and Ethics Committee (AWEC) in 2006, the Zoo announced that it will not bring any more polar bears to Singapore. This is in line with the Zoo’s stronger focus on featuring tropical wildlife and threatened Southeast Asian species in need of ex-situ management programmes.


Singapore Garden Festival 2016 (SGF) at Gardens by the Bay

Singapore Garden Festival 2016 (SGF) at Gardens by the Bay

Singapore Garden Festival 2016, the much-anticipated premier international garden and flower event, Singapore Garden Festival (SGF), will return for its sixth edition from 23 to 31 July 2016!




Over the nine days, visitors can look forward to taking in the best of tropical horticulture and floral artistry spread across 9.7 hectares at Gardens by the Bay.





The Festival has expanded beyond The Meadow and onto Bayfront Plaza, in addition to the Orchid Extravaganza at the Flower Dome.






There will also be nightly concerts and over 100 stalls offering food and beverages, plants, gardening and landscape products for sale outside the ticketed area.




















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NDP 2016 (National Day Parade 2016 Preview 1)

National Day Parade 2016 marks the first year of the next fifty years of our Singapore Story. The theme “Building our Singapore of Tomorrow” was adopted by the NDP 16 EXCO as it points to the future and rally Singaporeans to action.DSC_4412.JPG



DSC_4479.JPG3wheelingtots were there for the first Preview on 23 July 2016. It is a memory that never fades.DSC_4574.JPG


This is the first year NDP was held in the new National Stadium. It has awesome lighting effects, clear surround sound, excellent use of hanging objects and flying capability. Most importantly, the place is air-conditioned and there are individual seats and ample toilet cubicles!

DSC_4756a.jpgThe story “Badang” is beautifully crafted. The SOKA performance is memorable. And the “fireworks” inside the Stadium are fantastically displayed.

A 6-minutes highlights of NDP 16’s 1st Preview Show!


SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2016 – Special Preview


A video on key highlights of a media preview invite on SAFRA Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon 2016, with a great shout-out to 2 giant inflatables appearing along the 5 km Fun Run.


Happening on 28 August 2016!
Registration is now open and closes on 28 July, 23:59pm.
For more information, visit


We are glad to be on a few local medias!
Channel NewaAsia on 24 July 2016
The Straits Times



Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe

DSC_2833facebook.jpgSoek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe is situated beside Seletar Airport and on the first level of MAJ Aviation Building at Seletar Aerospace!

It has experience of dinning while watching private planes take off and land along the Seletar Airport runway.


Over 20 classic and modern classic bicycles are displayed in the cafe.

The cafe’s dining menu is predominantly Western style, with dishes such as Fish & Chips and Chicken Chop. In addition, there are also Asian options like Katsu Don and Beef Rendang to cater to different tastebuds.

For more information, visit…



Jordan’s 1st public performance, using The ONE Smart Piano

The ONE Smart Piano makes learning piano so much easier!

Connect iPad or Android devices to The ONE Smart Piano. Once you choose a song, just follow the LED lights on the keys. Now, anyone can play your favourite songs with zero basic.

Learning piano just got fun and simple!

To know more about The One Smart Piano visit:

Weak with bronchiolities, Jordan endured his tiredness and yet staged his 1st public performance with his favourite piece. Kudos, Jordan.
Thank you Ms Medeline Hew from Charisma Music Loft for giving Jordan the opportunity to performing using The ONE Smart Piano at SmartKids Asia

Robinsons LEGO Roadshow Singapore

Join us at the LEGO Roadshow from now till 17 July, for a day of fun-filled family activities and awesome deals!
Activities lined up for you:

1) LEGO City Family Build*
– Form a Family Team (2-4 members, including a child aged 4 to 12 years old) and build your very own LEGO city!
-Each registered team with completed creations will receive a LEGO Goodie bag worth $30!

– To register, present a same-day minimum $60 purchase receipt in JEM or minimum $20 purchase receipt in LEGO Roadshow.
2) LEGO Weekend Activity*
– On 6, 9, 10, 16 and 17 July, 12pm to 6pm, join us by designing your own LEGO Friends bracelet to get ready for your playdate with friends! Or you can also create your LEGO city adventure and be a LEGO city builder!

Terms & Conditions apply, while stocks last. By registration only. No purchase is required. Only at JEM Atrium Level 1!

For more information, please logon to: