First Pikachu Night Parade

To fans of Pikachus or Pokemon Go game, you definitely cannot miss this because this is a rare golden chance for Singapore! First time outside of Japan, we held the first Pikachu Night Parade at Sentosa, Palawan Green!

Even if you don’t play the Pokemon Go game, you will fall in love with this life-sized Pikachu mascot instantly! It is a mouse, but it looks like a robotic, colourful, cheerful and super adorable “panda-look alike” bear.

Japan really puts in a lot of effort in creating these mascots, I must admit. When I look at the mascot, I don’t harbour the slightest instinct that a human is actually operating inside the Pikachu. The mascot’s design is so well-crafted that I see them as Pikachus, not humans in mascots, definitely created with super high standards, so different from the mascots in Universal Studios Singapore or shopping malls.

There are limited shows and crowds come much earlier to chope their preferred places. If you want to join in the craze, being along your picnic mat and raincoat. In case of rain or thunderstorms, the show will be cancelled or delayed.

Happening only at Palawan Green, Sentosa on 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23 December 2018 — 7.30pm show (additional 9pm shows on 15 and 22 Dec)

If you will miss the shows, fret not. We had it captured below. Enjoy!


3 “must-go” places to feel Christmas 2018!

These 3 places are awesome experiences for the kids to celebrate X-mas this year! Why so? Read on …

We are all loving Christmas 2018 even more, here in Singapore! This year, we saw 3 mega places featuring different Christmas themes that appeal to the young.

The kids will sure love the decoration and ornaments on these 3 must-go places. Don’t believe me? Let my videos “do the talking” here. Even parents like us (the young at heart?!) are bedazzled!

Ready to jump in awe? Okay, we have Disney and Pixar’s characters (Mickey, Toy Story, Frozen and Cinderella) at Orchard. Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome brings in Disney’s Tsum Tsum characters. Oh, Changi Airport is smart, it revels in Harry Potter’s world of owls and magic!

I am in awe of the Orchard Road’s light-up while my wife loves the Gardens by the Bay’s display. The kids’ faves – Harry Potter’s Wizarding World at Changi Airport for the elder two kids, and Pooh Bear at Gardens by the Bay for the youngest Charlotte!

What about You?

Harry Potter’s Wizarding World at Changi Airport

Harry Potter’s Wizarding World at Changi Airport  (till mid Feb 2019)

At Changi Airport, explore life-sized installations inspired by some of the most iconic locations from the Harry Potter series, such as Hogsmeade Village, Diagon Alley, and Whomping Willow. There are plenty of photo opportunities and exciting activities for fans and visitors — and even some surprises from the new film, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald!

At T3 Departure Hall, spot the invisible-visible owls and take lots of photos with the train and window displays at Hogsmeade Village. Oh yes, you can catch the snow and light show on weekdays – 6pm, 7pm, 9pm and weekends – 1pm, 6pm, 7pm, 9pm. Be sure to find a space way inwards as the snow coverage area is small. The Dragon Alley is filled with activities and prizes to be redeemed, so spare some time to queue for this.

At T2 Departure Area next to Llaollao, you can find a magical tree that’s just like the one planted in Hogwart’s grounds!

The merchandise is also very attractive, and expensive too 😦 My kids love the Gryffindor Knitted Scarf so I had to spend S$60 in order to redeem one  (ONE, not THREE) for S$15. To redeem THREE scarfs, you would know how much I have to spend. And so, I bought the wands for them as well (in order to accumulate the spending). Okay, my pockets had a big big hole on that day. But you know, to look at the kids’ happy faces = $ well-spent (self-consolation).

Mickey Mouse and Friends at Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up

Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2018 (till 1 Jan 2019)

If you missed past light-up walks along Orchard Road, I strongly recommend you to make time for this year’s. 

A 2.88km stretch of Orchard Road – from Tanglin Mall to Plaza Singapura – will be dressed in festive lights till 1st Jan 2019. There are four zones that take on different themes – Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse and Friends, Frozen and Toy Story.  The feel is just too magical when you walk through the streets. Don’t miss the Christmas Village Civic Plaza at Ngee Ann City. And beware of the crowd squeeze and hold tight of your kids.

Christmas “Poinsettia Wishes” featuring Disney Tsum Tsum
at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome

“Poinsettia Wishes” featuring Disney Tsum Tsum
at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome (till 6 Jan 2019)

This is one place that you can go, rain or shine. And the air-conditioning inside the dome is SHIOK!

My favourite spot of the display area is where Mickey and his Tsum Tsum pals stack up to decorate the tallest Christmas tree in Flower Dome! We went in the evening after an early dinner and the kids loved the bright decoration and tsum tsum installations, probably because they could relate to them so well and kept shouting for the names “oh Pooh bear, see Tigger.” Time passed by swiftly with their excitement, and before we knew it, the crowd has thinned by a lot. And so, we got their friendly assistant to take a family photo of us with the stacking Christmas tsum tsum tree!

The night display is definitely more enchanting, more x-mas feel and makes for better photo opportunities than the day display. So, go in about 7pm as it closes at 9pm. Weekday has less crowd too. Enjoy!

Collect your online sports orders in 2 hrs! Where?

Decathlon is our family’s favourite sports shop ever!

Best of all, you can now order your items online AND collect your stuff at any store in 2 hours!

How to? Read on …

Decathlon is committed to get your online order ready for collection within 2 hours! The best part is.. IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Simply place your order online, choose your preferred store, receive an email notification within 2 hours and collect your package anytime between 12.00PM to 9.30PM, within the next 7 days. Don’t forget to bring your notification email for verification purpose! You can also forward your email to someone else for collection on your behalf. 

So we had a chance to try on it when Charlotte requests for one swimming board. We were at the city area and we don’t want to travel to Bedok or Tuas stores to buy the board.

Karen reminded me that we could order it online and collect it at the Holland Village store almost immediately. Oh yes, how could I forget this recent service introduced by Decathlon? We were amazed that the speed and convenience of it is unbeatable, as compared to online supermarkets and shopping blogs!

Find Decathlon’s Click and Collect stores here. A new click & collect store is setting foot on Velocity@ Novena Square on 15 December 2018!

Oh yes, a mega mega Decathlon store (with sports clinics) is also opening in January 2019 at the Stadium! We are all thrilled, so do the kids! And if you’ve not visited the Joo Koon (Tuas) mega store, click below on the video highlights of our visit and you will understand why the kids (and us parents) just love Decathlon store!

Goodbye, rainbow blocks …

Rochor Centre, known for the 
 brightly coloured facades of differing shades of blue, green, red and yellow, will be demolished in June 2018. What’s left are just memories.

We are saddened by the decision to demolish Rochor Centre as the buildings’ deck of rainbow colours are simply breathtaking!

Before the demolition happened, we brought the kids to the estate. The place, though vacant, was filled with birds and cool breeze. What’s not to love?

This is also my first time flying a drone (high up in the skies) to document the beautiful place. Goodbye, Rochor Centre. Goodbye, rainbow blocks. Enjoy the documentary!


Rochor Centre was a group of buildings in Singapore built by the Housing and Development Board. Dating back to the 1960s, there was an increasing number of people living in slum-like condition with poor sanitation due to the insufficient housing for Singapore’s increasing population. Therefore, as part of the urban renewal program under the Housing and Development Board, Rochor Centre was built and completed in 1977 to take in residents and businesses that was uprooted across the city.

Rochor Centre is bound by Rochor and Ophir Roads and Queen Street in the south of Singapore, just outside of the Central Business District. There are total of 4 blocks (Blocks 1 through 4). The first three floors consist of shophouses and offices. The fourth floor is a void deck, and residents stay from the fifth floor onwards. The top floor is level 17. Rochor Centre has over 180 shops that sell a wide variety of goods.

In 15 November 2011, it was announced that the Rochor Centre would be acquired by the government to make way for the new 21.5 km North-South Expressway (NSE) and Ophir-Rochor development programme. This NSE will become Singapore’s 11th expressway and connects the northern parts of the island with the East Coast Parkway (ECP) when it is completed in 2023. As a result, it will reduce the burden off the congested Central Expressway (CTE) and benefit all those living in the East and North of Singapore by cutting down the rush hour journeys by up to 30%.

As of December 2016, 533 out of 567 households who were living in Rochor Centre had all moved out since the completion in March 2015. The HDB blocks started construction in April 2012 at Kallang Trivista. They had accepted our apartments at the Kallang Trivista complex.

As a result, residents moved to Kallang Trivista, with the exception of some residents moving to Tampines, an HDB estate located at Upper Boon Keng Road by end October 2016. The Victoria Street Wholesale Centre was torn down and moved to Kallang. All the households were moved out by February 2017.

the recipes for kids to enjoy 2 nutritious dishes in essence of chicken!

we share the recipes to let our kids enjoy essence of chicken in a nutritious meal, for both fish and chicken!

For the longest time, my wife and I have been thinking very hard for the past few years, on how to introduce essence of chicken to the kiddos.

For sure, we need to depend on this bottle on some days, to boost the kids’ energy level, be it for exams, or sports days, or just to stay awake for a full day of activities.

Thanks to Eu Yan Sang for the recommendation of recipes!

We managed to whip up a simple steamed cod fish with essence of chicken, All our 3 kiddos proclaimed this as the best fish dish thus far!

And for me, I am grateful that my wife has been whipping up this dish for me – steamed chicken breast with essence of chicken. This is my current food love. Plus, it is healthy!

Click on the video links below to check out the steps to cook this 2 simple dishes!

Eu Yan Sang Power Up! is the only children’s Essence of Chicken in Singapore that does not contain caramel colouring.

-No caramel coloring

-100% natural

-No preservatives

-Herbal goodness

Power Up! Concentration, 
Power Up! Appetite
Power Up! Vision 

Power Up! is specially formulated for children. 100% pure chicken goodness made using a combination of traditional recipes and modern technological innovations.

Essence of Chicken has been a popular tonic taken by generations.Whether it is preparing for an important meeting or sporting event, or studying for an examination, Essence of Chicken has been the tonic of choice.