Hello! If you have ideas on how we can work together to boost your product/services exposure through our social media platforms and in this blog page, please drop us an email or pm us!

The “3wheelingtots”, established in 2016, has a steady growing (genuine) readership through FacebookInstagram and YouTube platforms. I’m a techie guy, so I use my professional DSLR cameras to take photos and videos of your awesome works. Our edge lies in the production of quality videos and high Youtube viewership to promote your product/services.

The models of “3wheelingtots” have been featured on SAFRA Annual Year Book, The Straits Times, The Today Paper, LianHe ZaoBao, billboards and magazines 🙂 so not to worry that they are camera-shy or people-shy. In fact, the tots are chatty!

As a dad influencer, I set eyes on many things – sports, camera stuff, events, sports attire, shoes (yep, I’ve a crave for shoes), online and shopping malls, entertaining stuff, electronics stuff, techie stuff, food (of course!), travel and many many! And I hope that we can become friends (not just business talk) in no time!

So if you are keen to collaborate, drop me an email at

Cheers, Lawrence

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